10 Best fonts to use in your website

10 Best Fonts to use in your website.png

When I bought the domain of this blog I did everything to procrastinate:

  • "Oh I haven't found my brand colors"

  • "Oh, I don't know what font to use on my blog, what if months from now I regret my choice?"

That's why I created what I personally think are the best fonts to use on your website to help you find a UNIQUE font for your business!

Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links, this means that if you purchase through my link I will get a small commission. I only recommend websites and tools that I personally use in my business.

  • Create bold, gorgeous headlines and elegant designs with a vintage flair.

  • Chloe's contrasting lines and curved terminals give a sleek, elegant look to logos, websites, and more.

  • A hand brushed, fun, warm, and cozy typeface duo with extras.

  • These 2 hand brushed fonts are perfectly combine with one another, to make each word unique!

  • Is a gorgeous sans-serif typeface that is both classically elegant and inherently modern.

  • Create beautiful banners with a vintage flair.

  • Is a delicate typeface that's perfect for creating gorgeous headlines and designs with personality.

  • Based on vintage letterforms from the '60s and '70s.

  • Is a bold sans serif font duo with both solid and outlined font files.

  • Perfect for headers, blog banners, and so much more, to make playful staple in your website!

6. Westhouse

  • Handmade brush script typeface which is simple and clean.

  • Perfect for logo design, branding. lettering, quote, invitation card, custom mug, t-shirt, and others.

  • The combination of futuristic and geometric elements renders a modern design.

  • Includes 10 fonts to diversify your headlines and visual branding.

  • Handwritten font with the fast stroke and ballpoint feels.

  • Contemporary script style that hit the trends nowadays, great for your logo and headline.

9.  Heritage

  • Two different style ‘script and sans’ .

  • These two lovely fonts would be perfect to combine in your visual brand, one in the logo and the other as body text.

  • A fun stackable display font that lives up to its name.

  • The way you can uniquely stack different parts of this font make it super fun to work with! :)