10 Blog Post Ideas That Work For All Niches

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Writing blog posts is a task that every blogger needs to do but sometimes we feel like we have written about everything (which is not true, btw) and we don't have ideas, so here I am giving you guys ideas that can be implemented in all niches, doesn't matter how big or small they are. 

#1. Income Report

More and more bloggers are sharing their blog income report, even doe the majority is still "how to blog" niche, you can find other niches popping out with income reports (which is very good for people that want to start a blog in that niche but don't know if it can be profitable!)

If you are in the following niches and even in other niches that are not so overwhelmed by income reports, start posting them!

  • Design

  • Fitness

  • Arts

  • Etsy store owner

  • Amazon seller

  • Writer


#2. Review a product/website/service

Reviewing a product, website or service that you use can help other people choosing it or not based on your opinion. 

Also, this can be a very profitable blog post because you can monetize it in 2 ways:

  • Affiliate income, where you can a % of each sale you bring.

  • Sponsor blog post, where the brand sends the product (in case of a physical product) and even pays you to review it on your blog.

Ethical things to pay attention to:

  • You should review a product because you really wanted to test it and not because you are going to be paid for it.

  • You should always give your honest opinion to your audience, they deserve to know what you like the most and the least about it, the price and the comparison of this product with other people more expensive or cheapest.

  • You should always disclose that you got the product for free, or that you got paid to give your opinion (but you are giving your honest opinion) or that the links in the blog post are affiliate links.

Review ideas:

  • Clothing & shoes

  • Email provider & hosting & design software

  • Office supplies

  • Online course you enrolled in

  • Designer or coach you hired

  • Food services

  • Apps you use

  • ...


#3. Step by Step

A step by step blog post can take you a while to write especially if you put in images or even video guidance but is also one of the blog posts that people like to bookmark to keep checking and also to share with their friends. 

Tip: Put as many images as you can and offer them a step by step checklist so they can follow them without skipping an important step.

Step by step blog post ideas:

  • Recipe (from the ingredients to the final dish)

  • How you reached a milestone (lose weight, run a marathon, gained 10k followers...)

  • DIY (this are quite popular, because if you don't explain exactly all the steps, the person may not create the same exact thing, also what for you can be simple, like painting a piece of furniture for someone that never did it before can be overwhelming and frustrating)

  • Think about the tools and websites you use every day and create a step by step guide on how to do something as simple or as complex as you want (design software, writing software, email provider, buying a domain, how to create a blog in WordPress...)


#4. Lists

Blog posts lists are great for you and for your audience, for you because you can break down each item without forgetting to write something about it and for your audience, because they know exactly how many items you are listing in so there are any surprises and it's also easier to read because of the breaking down of each item of the list. 

You can use these blog posts lists to include products that you are affiliated with but don't forget to disclose it to your audience in the blog post.

Lists blog post ideas:

  • X best (fonts, sweaters, shoes, fruits) to use in (something)

  • X places (museums to visit, beaches to visit, places online where you can find advice on )

  • X Things you need (to go on a hick, to start a blog, to grow your Instagram, to start running)

  • ...


#5. Interview 

Interviewing someone is great, why?

  • You get to interview someone you admire, or a friend or even someone that you don't know but your audience really wants you to interview them.

  • You get advice from someone that was where you are now and can share some of their tips and hacks in how to do something in your niche.

  • You are the one asking the questions, so you have the control over what topic to focus more, for example, you may focus on the amount of revenue the subject brings with their blog (if they are okay with sharing it), or you may focus on a sub-topic that is very important to your audience, that's up to you!

  • (You can also ask them how would they solve a problem that you are having, like lack of revenue growth, lack of confidence, lack of time and so one)

Things you need before the interview:

  • Email your future interviewer saying how much you like a piece of content they put out and why you did (be honest) + ask them to be a part of your podcast (if you have one) or to just answer to some questions that you are including in a blog post about X topic.

  • You have to be prepared to get a "no" as a reply or even no reply at all. It's not your fault so please don't get disappointed.

  • If a week as past and they haven't replied yet send them a polite email asking for their reply and give them a few options, like record the interview next month or even give the subject the option to answer to all the questions by email with a PDF or a shared Google doc.

  • If you don't get an answer, move on and ask another amazing people in your niche or complementary niches.

  • Also, you can add a PDF with the questions you are going to ask the subject in the first pitch email, so they know from the get on what the topic of the interview is, that is going to help them say "yes or no" and also even get them some time to create a freebie to offer to your audience.

Types of interviews:

  • Audio + video + transcript

  • Audio + video

  • Audio + transcript

  • Video

  • Transcript


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#6. Case study

A case study can be used in 2 ways:

  • To promote a case of a student that use one of your products to reach their goal.

  • To promote someone else's product by sharing your testimonial (case study) of how you reach your goal.

But it actually doesn't matter what way you choose (it can even be both), you can monetize this case study to your advantage.

Promote your product with a student's case study:

  • Invite a past student to share their testimonial of your product in an interview with screenshots of the results (if it applies to your product) and offer to link back to their blog, social media or freebie as a thank you.

  • Create a case study series where each month you post a case study of a past student, this works best if your product is evergreen, you can even have a fast action offered in the blog post like a 15 minute offer where your audience gets the chance to save $50, then when expires redirect them to the full price or it can be a bundle, where you bundle your course + a unique bonus and only offer it at this specific series.

  • You can even have a "Case studies" or "Testimonials" page on your blog where you list all the feedback from past students.

  • This blog post helps people on the fence to see that people that were in the same place as they are now got amazing results, so they can as well if they take your course and work on it.

Promote someone else's product with your case study:

  • If you bought an info product and got great results from it like, you learn:

    • how to play guitar

    • how to use Photoshop

    • lettering

    • how to cook

  • Ask the creator of the info product to become an affiliate of the product, this way when you promote it you can include your affiliate link and every time someone purchases the product through your affiliate link you get a commission.

  • Share with your audience how you reach your goal, example: "Case study: How I learn how to play the guitar in 30 days".

  • Share the fear and doubt you had before you started the course and how the teacher and the course community helped you with it.

  • What is covered in each module

  • What you liked the most and the least

  • Who is the course for and to who is this course not for

  • Why you recommend it + disclose that you are an affiliate of the course and you will get a commission if they purchase through your link.

  • Also offer them a bonus if they purchase through your link (if you have any product that is related with the course!) "If you purchase through my link, send me a copy of the receipt to my email and I will send you this bonus"


#7. Mistakes

This blog post is almost like a "milestone" because it means that you had to go through someone obstacles and even make this mistakes and now that you have a solution to help people prevent this mistakes you are going to share them, it's like: 

"I made these mistakes and learn from them and know I what to teach them how to avoid them"

Tip: You can pitch your audience a product that helps them with this topic.


#8. How to X

This is almost like the step by step blog post, but here, you just teach them how to do something every specific while on, the step by step blog post you teach them how to do everything you mention there. 


#9. Challenge

Creating a challenge it's not only "easier" but can also help you sell your product. 

For example: 

Create a 7-day productive hero email course, where each day you teach them how to become more productive with small steps than on the seventh day pitch them your productive course to help them elevate their productivity to expert level. 

This way you teach them step zero and you introduce them to the next step. 


#10. Free gift

This is simple, instead of writing a long blog post and then offer them a printable or template, just put the opt-in for the freebie and what they are getting in the blog post and that's it! It's great for you and for your audience!

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  • 27 content upgrade ideas to grow your email list TODAY!

  • 8 expert level bonus content upgrade ideas to elevate your blog