20 Awesome websites that accept guest posts

20 Awesome Websites that Accept Guest Posts.png

Niche: Blogging

1. Matthew woodward

matthew woodward guest post
  • Detailed tutorial or case study

  • Casual writing (like you are talking with a friend)

  • No fluff (if you can say the same thing in a shorter sentence, do it!)

  • No minimum word count

Niche: Photography

2. Expert photography

expert photography guest post
  • Use as many images as possible to illustrate your writing

  • Images should be 700 pixels wide

  • All content must be original (it can not be reused content)

  • Minimum of 1000 words

Niche: Craft

3. Think crafts

think crafts guest post
  • Include photos to illustrate the content and links to buy the supplies

  • Once you guest post, you can become a regular blog contributor and submit 2 or more blog posts a month.

  • Guest bloggers are compensated for their time and project ideas.

Niche: Writer

4. No plag

no plag guest post
  • Opinion: 500-800 words

  • Case study and other in-depth pieces: up to 3000 words

  • Original content only

  • Submit charts, graphs, tracks, video materials related with the content

Niche: Religion

5. Kelly R baker

kelly r baker guest post
  • Include at least one scripture in your content and specify which translation you used

  • Original content & between 600-800 words

  • Link back to your website in your bio

Niche: Travel

6. Practical wanderlust

practical wanderlust
  • Your guest post should be insanely informative and sell a destination

  • Your guest post should not be cookie cutter and at least 1500 words

  • No more than 5 links to your website

  • The photos must be high resolution

Niche: Parenting

7. Making motherhood matter

making motherhood matter
  • Original content

  • The guest post must be strutted the following way: intro paragraphs that open with a story, body of the content and closing paragraph with "wrapping up 5 ways to..."

Niche: blogging

8. Bloggers passion

  • Your guest post should be more than 1800+ words at least

  • You can add up to 2 links in your bio

  • Original content only

  • You are supposed to reply to all comments on your guest post.

Niche: Food

9. Food sense

food sense.png
  • Different guest post options: submit a recipe, get interview based on your journey to a plant-based lifestyle or you can write for the blog on a regular based after being aprroved.

Niche: Food

10. Nourished kitchen

nourished kitchen guest post
  • Original content & between 300-800 words

  • Feature at least 2 high resolution photos taken by you

  • You have the oportunity to reach a fast growing subcriber base of 100k.

Niche: Blogging

11. Co schedule

co schedule
  • Only accept educational how-to posts with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Original content only & at least 2,000 words.

  • You should respond to all comments for the first seven days.

Niche: Travel

12. She's wanderful

wanderful travel guest post
  • You have 4 categories to choose from: destinations and itineraries, travel tips, global issues and women to watch.

  • Pays $50 for each article

Niche: Blogging

13. Themeisle

themeisle pays guest post
  • Minimum of 1000 words with images, examples and links to other content on their website

  • You get to include one link to your website in your bio box

  • Pays between $100-$200 per article

Niche: food

14. I quit sugar

i quit sugar
  • You can write about sugar, food trends, health and wider wellness, sustainability and mindfulness.

  • You don't have a minimum required of words

  • Original content

niche: lifestyle

15. Pop sugar

  • Topics you can should: parenting, fitness, beauty, personal, nostalgia, life tips, shopping, love, television...

  • Original content only

  • If accepted they will respond within 30 days

Niche: Fashion

16. Fashion for royals

fashion for royals
  • Original content with reasonable length and those including photos must be royalty free

  • They will link back to your blog and introduce you

Niche: Fashion

17. The style bouquet

the style boutique
  • Original content only with a minimum of 450 words

  • Must include at least three relevant images & maximum of 2 links

Niche: blogging

18. Shout me loud

shout me loud
  • Minimum of 800 words and should cover the topic in detail

  • Images speak a thousand words, add images to convey your message

niche: lifestyle

19. the crunchy mommy

crunchy mommy
  • You can write about: Eco-friendly living, parenting, recipes and holistic health.

  • Original content and between 500-1000 words.

niche: travel

20. Honeymoon always

honeymoon always.png
  • Original content and minimum 800 words

  • Write about honeymoon guides for locations or other romantic travel articles