27 Things I want to accomplish by the time I'm 27

27 things I want to accomplish by the time I'm 27

On August 4, 2018, it was my 25th birthday and I basically failed in EVERY SINGLE GOAL that I planned to accomplish by that day, so as a public announcement I decided to put my goals publicly and not only that, even add MORE GOALS and include a deadline, you know "super easy". (irony intensifies)

"So if you are 25 now, it means you have a 2 years deadline, you may slack until there..."

Oh no, I won't, you know why? Because:

  • I want this blog post to be updated every time that I accomplish a goal, so this is going to be a work in progress blog post and I LOVE IT!

  • Don't worry I will notify you every time I update this blog post, you just need to join my email list.

  • To facilitate my work and also add some timeline, the things are from newest to latest goals.

last updated: April 24, 2019

deadline is August 4, 2020:


1. Have 100 customers

Have 100 customers

This may be the “easiest goal” that I have in this list but it’s still pretty scary.


2. Earn $1,000/month

Earn $1000 a month.png

Yes, I'm not going to ruin all of my past work, let's go to the positive income side of blogging!


3. Run 5 km without stopping

Run 5 km without stopping

I'm able to run 5 km... but I have to stop a lot, so I want to be able to do it without stopping.


4. Earn $10,000/month

Earn $10000 a month

I'm going to do my best to have my first 5-figure month in May 2019, maybe with webinars?


5. Host 10 webinars

Host 10 Webinars

I’m completely terrified of doing webinars but at the same time, I think I would be good at it.


6. Earn $25,000/month

Earn $25000 a month

If everything goes right, I plan to reach this milestone in June 2019 with a lot of work.


7. Weight 80 kg/176lbs

Weight 80kg

Is not going to be easy to reach this milestone but I'm going to work my butt off for it.


8. Grow to 10k email subs

Grow to 10k email subcribers

It's a bold milestone, especially because at the moment I only have 10 email subscribers.


9. Earn $100,000/month

Earn $100000 a month

Hmm, I would "like" to hit this milestone in July 2019, but maybe is too soon.


10. host 25 webinars

Host 25 webinars

Hosting 25 webinars is something that needs to happen because I have to put myself out there.


11. Walk/Run 200km a month

Walk 200 km a month

For at least 3 consistent months, this will help with the weight loss situation.


12. Make $1M in revenue

Make $1M in revenue

After selling a little bit of every digital product Spreadsheets, PDFs, Design Kits, Courses…


13. Weight 75kg/165lbs

Weight 75kg

By this time I want to start having more & more healthy meals + buy new clothes.


14. Earn $500,000/month

Earn $500000 a month

I want to launch a premium course, this may result in my biggest month so far.


15. Have 1000 customers

Have 1000 customers

1000 people liked your content so much that they paid money for more content? What?!



16. Weight 70kg/154lbs

Weight 70kg

This is something that I have been working towards for years and to reach it is incredible.

I'm so proud of you past self!


17. Host 50 webinars

Host 50 webinars

You clicked "Live" 50 times? + You must have met so many nice people.


18. Weight 65 kg/143lbs

Weight 65kg

Now comes the hard part, maintain it. You need to build a workout + food routine.


19. Go from pants size 44 to 36 (14 to 6 in US sizes)

Go from pants size 44 to 36

Going down four pant sizes is a lifetime goal!

Buy some pants to celebrate it!


20. Grom to 30,000 email subscribers

Grow to 30k email subscribers

That's a lot of people, but I think this is just the start of an awesome journey!


21. Cut my hair

Cut my hair

Only happens if:
If I maintained my weight at 65 & had $100k/month for 3 consistent months

After had reached that weight.


22. Make $2.5M in revenue

Make $2.5M in revenue

This list is full of wild goals but this one is probably the wildest of all of them.


23. Get my drivers license

Get my drivers license

Yeah, I know I don't have a driver's license...

But hey, let's do this.


24. Have 5000 customers

Have 5000 customers

OMG! Having 5000 people buying my products is such a wild dream.

Thank you so much, if this actually happens.


25. Buy a land to built my house

Buy land to build my house

Yes, I have my dream house in my head. Everything, from the number of rooms to the design.

I just need money + land.


26. Host 100 webinars

Host 100 webinars

Having host 100 webinars is pretty wild but I would love to have at least one 6-figure webinar...

Let's work towards that!


27: Get a dalmatian

Get a dalmatian

I always wanted to have a dog, but in the apartment that I live it's not allowed..

If my work goes towards my plans, I will have my house or a rented place while my house is being built, either way, I think & hope that by the deadline I'm able to live somewhere that allows dogs.