4 Best Squarespace Templates For Online Course Creators

4 Best Squarespace Templates For Online Course Creators

The 4 templates are:

  • Naomi (my current template)

  • Pacific

  • Charlotte

  • Horizon



First, you need to know that they are in the same template family, this means they share the same underlying structure and functionality.

Features that I like:

scrolling Index Page

The scrolling index page creates a vertical layout that stacks content from multiple pages on a single page. This is great for conveying a lot of information in one location.

And the best thing is that you can change the background of the alternative page and this will help you to visually break the content better, in my case I use a neutral beige to contrast with the regular white background and my orange and dark blue brand colors. 

Example: Content Upgrade Ideas Sales Page


Full-bleed banners

Display full-bleed banner images and videos behind text in Index sections and at the top of any page.


Fixed navigation

On an Index Page that's set as a homepage, the main navigation can be set to appear at the top of the browser window as you scroll down the page, helping visitors to move around the page.

navigation on scroll option squarespace.png

Key tweaks to do:

Go to Style and then open the Style Editor panel

  • Site Header > Transparent on Banner Images and Background Color

  • Site Navigation > Expand Homepage Index Links and Always Use Overlay Nav

  • Main Content > Background Color and Text Color

  • Footer > Background Color

  • Index Overlay > Padding and Color

  • Index > Section Separator and Alternating Color

  • Index Gallery > Design

  • Main Content > Background Color