6 Content Upgrade Ideas To Grow Your Email List TODAY!

6 content upgrade ideas to grow your email list today.png

1.  Tools/Resources you use in your business

Make a list of tools (this can be physical or online tools) you use in your business.

3 reasons why people like tools/resources guide content upgrade

  • Some people have no clue in how to start so this tool guide can be a blueprint of tools to use, this way they know that the tools are great because the business they admire is using them.

  • Then you have people that already have a business but are just curious about what tools you use.

  • And then you have people that are probably looking for some sort of tool and they want to see what you use, in my case, I'm looking to buy a new office chair so every time that I see a resources or tools guide in a blog I check it out to see if they include the chair that they are using.


Allison from She dreams of alpine created an essential hiking gear packing list to help people find what they need to have when they go on a hike by sharing a list of the gear she uses. 


2. Free email course

The most popular content upgrade is a free email course because accomplishes 3 things:

  • It's a great piece of content and converts well (blog readers to email subscribers) and it's usually step zero (what you want your subscriber to learn before you can introduce them to next step on your topic)

  • Makes your audience excited about opening your emails

  • Pitch them a product related to the free email course topic, this can be from $10 to $500. The higher the price more emails you should send.


Paul Scrivens from Billionaire blog club, has a free 12-day blogging bootcamp which is a free email course aimed to help people start their blog the right way, with daily easy to follow instrutions for 12 days. 


Elna Cain has a free 6-day email course that teaches how to learn freelance writing from scratch and land your first client. 


Jan Berry from The Nerdy Farm Wife created a free email course to teach people how to make their first soap. I think it's a pretty cool idea and it's awesome when niches that are not about blogging discover how a free email course can massively grow their email list.

3.  Templates

Templates are great to offer as a content upgrade because it's a done-for-you version of the topic of the blog post. In my case, if I'm writing about how to batch blog posts, I'm going to offer a blog post banner template, this way they have time to write multiple blog posts because they already have a blog post banner that they just need to type in the blog post title and put a photo and it's done. 


Hertzel Betito from Freesumes, create 85 free resume templates to help people looking for a job to have a professional resume for free where they just need to fill their information and photo. 


Vanessa from Blog Pixie created a moodboard template to help people gather inspiration to create blog posts, decorate a new room, design a blog and so one. 

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4. Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can help your audience automate a part of their day. In my case, I offer a free spreadsheet to help my audience track their income, expenses and net income, at any time they can go to their spreadsheet and see how much net income they have generated this year so far and see if they need to create a new product or perform some sort of promotion to generate more revenue. 


Marie from Blog on the side created a free facebook group manager spreadsheet to help you avoid spending all day long on facebook groups, instead list all the facebook groups you are a part of and manage the time you spend on each one on a weekly base.  


Ashlyn from Ashlyn writes created a wedding guest spreadsheet to help people organize their wedding guests. 

5.  Step by Step Checklist

Offering a step by step checklist is a must have when you write a step by step blog post, this way your audience can print the checklist and follow the steps without accidentally skipping any. 


Angela from Anchoring Angela created a step by step project and supply checklist to help people improve and flip any piece of used furniture, so not only you get the step by step process in how to improve that piece of furniture but also all the supplies you need.


Chaitra from It's pink pot created a step by step checklist to help people open their Etsy shop this way people are not going to be overhelmed by what they need to do next.

6.  Free video lesson or workshop

If you have a course, I advise you to offer one of the lessons for free as a content upgrade offer in a blog post related to the course topic, this way people are going to learn something about the topic, they are also going to see how you are as a teacher and this may be a good way for them to go from "I may purchase this course someday" to "I'm definitely enrolling in this course".


Mckinzie from Moms make cents, create Pinterest primer which is a free video course to help you build a solid Pinterest foundation.

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