6 places you should put your email list opt-in

6 places you should put your email list opt-in

When we are starting our online business is hard to figure out how to do almost everything. 

Wouldn't be easier if someone sits you down with a cup of coffee and said which places you should put your email list opt-in? 

Yes, it would be super easier! That's why I did it, to make your online business easier. 

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links this means that I will get a commission if you purchase through them, I only promote tools & websites I use and love.

1. Welcome Mat/Cover Page

how to create a cover page in Squarespace:

#1. Home Menu > Pages > Not Linked > + > Index

Create cover page 6FIgureIncome

#2. Now you need to: 

  • Change the layout

  • Put the text and image you want

  • Create the button with the action you intent

  • Include or not social icons

  • Style the cover to your branding

Style your cover page


cover page 6FIgureIncome

2. Above-the-fold call-to-action

This is for me the most important place to put an opt-in to your email list! 

How to create an above the fold call-to-action:

  • First, you need to have an Index as your homepage, this way you can create pages and stack them into one page, that is going to be your Index page and also your homepage.

  • Then your first page is going to have a bold background, it can be just a color or a photo, this is up to you!

  • Write an engaging and bold headline like: "Do you need help with....?" and include a mockup of what you are offering (you can create this with Smartmockups!)

  • The opt-in was created with Convertkit and some custom CSS (you don't need custom CSS, their forms are beautiful, I just wanted to create something different)




Why should you use it on your website? 

  • It's easier to see, especially if you use bold colors and people don't need to scroll the page or go to an exact page.

  • When the viewer clicks "X" to close it, they are only showed again if you changed the text or if you have a time-limited in paced where they return to see it after 30 days. This way it's not too "in their face".

How can you use it as an opt-in? 

  • To promote a lead magnet of your upcoming course, this way you are collecting people (leads) that are interested in learning more about that topic.

  • To promote an old freebie that is not getting the love and attention it deserves and you can even link it back to the blog post with the opt-in if you want.

  • To promote an upcoming webinar, this is great for people that are landing on your website from finding a piece of content from you, this way they can see how is your personality.

  • To promote a webinar replay, this way you are re-using a workshop, gaining new email subscribers and making sales.

how to add an announcement bar to your Squarespace website:

#1. Go into the Home Menu > Design > Announcement Bar:

announcement bar squarespace

#2. Select "Enable Announcement Bar" from the drop-down menu:

enable announcement bar in squarespace

#3. Enter the text of the Announcement Bar in the box, this can take different
call-to-action forms:

  • A freebie or a lead magnet

  • An upcoming webinar

  • A bundle of your products

  • A recent blog post

announcement bar text in squarespace

#4. Now add a link to make the whole Announcement Bar clickable:

link your freebie announcement bar in squarespace

#5. Click the "Save" button & now go to the "Style Editor" and go to "Announcement Bar" and change to your brand colors and fonts.

style your announcement bar in squarespace.jpg


annoncement bar 6FigureIncome

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4. Pop-up on scroll or time

Create a pop-up with Squarespace:

#1. Go to Home Menu > Setting > Marketing > Promotional Pop-up

promotion pop-up

#2. Now you need to: 

  • Change layout

  • Choose between a newsletter form or a button

  • Add a headline and text

  • Control when the pop-up appears

  • Change the style of your branding

promotion pop-up styling

#3. I think all the sections are easier to do on your own, but I want you to give extra attention to "Display & Timing" section because this is where you are going to control when the pop-up appears:

display and timing

#3.1. Now let's break this into small steps! First, you need to select if your pop-up will appear on the first page the visitor opens or only certain pages and then you hand-select with you want. 

first page
only certain pages

#3.2. Second, choose when to display the pop-up, it can be on a timer (immediately, after 5 seconds, after 10 seconds or after 30 seconds) or it can be on scroll (25% down, 50% down or 75% down). You may also choose both, but is more complicated and you don't need it.

timing 1
timing 2

#3.3. Third, select the frequency the visitor sees the pop-up (the next day, in 1 week, in 2 weeks, in 30 days, never), you can also choose if you want to show or not again after a visitor as signup for your email list and if you want the pop-up to show on mobile or not. 


#3.4. As a final note, choose to show the pop-up again to all the visitors the next time they visit. Do this EVERY TIME you change the call-to-action!



how it looks

5. Blog Posts

How can you create a blog post opt-in?

  • You can create a blog post banner with Canva, PicMonkey or Photoshop.

  • You can also add a mockup of your freebie and you can easily create it with SmartMockups.

  • Then the opt-in that I created with Convertkit and I use a naked form style, but you have another 2 form styles to choose from.


6. pre-Footer

In the Bedford, Anya, Bryant, Hayden, Pacific, Charlotte, Fulton, Horizon, and Naomi Squarespace Templates offer an optional second site-wide footer, called pre-footer, which displays above the footer area and footer navigation links. 

  • The pre-footer displays on every page of your website.

  • If you remove all content from the pre-footer, it won't display to visitors, but you will see the space for it when you are logged in and editing your website.

  • You can give it unique font styling and its own background color in the Style Editor.

  • You can also remove it from your website by choosing "None" in the Pre-footer section in the Style Editor.


pre-footer 6FigureIncome

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