Step by Step: How to create product mockups without photoshop

Step by Step How to create mockups without Photoshop

Doing products mockups with Photoshop:

  • Difficult & time consuming

  • You have to make your own mockup file which can be even harder if you don't know how to do it

  • Or you have to buy a mockup file which can go from $5 to $50 (PER FILE!)


Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links, this means that if you purchase through my link I will get a small commission.

I only recommend this tool because I personally use it in my business.


Now, introducing Smartmockups:

The best free product mockup generator
— Marcia (me)

Yes, those are my words. 

I'm pretty good with Photoshop and even I used to struggle when creating mockups until I found Smartmockups and now I have this awesome tool where I can select awesome mockups that are used & tested by hundreds of people and then I just have to upload my product image and IT'S DONE!


Step 1:

Go to the Smarmockups website and click "Explore all mockups".


Step 2:

Select what type of mockup you want, you have digital mockups (smartphones, desktops...), print mockups (business cards, posters...) and apparel mockups (t-shirts, hoodies...).

In my case, I'm going to select "Desktop".


Step 3:

Select the mockup that I like the most, this is completely a personal taste and may vary depending on your product image. 


Step 4:

I selected this mockup, I like the minimalist decor and it's easier for my audience to see the product image. Click "upload image" to upload an image from your computer or click "URL".

I'm going to upload my product image from my computer. 


Step 5:

Now you can crop the image, align the image to each side of the rectangle, rotate the image and even flip it.

I'm my case the image is perfectly fit so I do not have to do anything to it.
Then click "Crop and continue".


Step 6:

Click "Download" and select the image quality and you can also see the size that the image is going to be, I normally go from the "medium" quality. If the image has more details and you want your audience to perfectly see, you can select "high". 

Also, the bigger the quality, the bigger the file size. 




You can use it free forever or try premium for 7-days (No credit card required!) and you can access even more mockups and also get the transparent or solid color background option, which is a MUST HAVE!