Step by step: How to create a website with Squarespace

step by step how to create a squarespace website

Step 1:

Go to & click  "Create a site" button on the top right.


Step 2:

Choose the template you like the most, don't worry you can change it later!


Step 3:

In my case, this blog is using Naomi Template at the moment, so I click "Start with Naomi" button.


Step 4:

Create your account.


Step 5:

Now you just need to respond to a few questions. 


Step 5.1:

You can also skip the questions but they are just 4 and they help squarespace improve their services. If you are going to skip the questions, go directly to step 6, here.


Step 5.2:

What is this website about? I answered education, because is going to be for an upcoming course, but you can answer whatever suits your situation.


Step 5.3:

What are your goals for this website, mine is to blog or regularly post content, it could also be other (selling a digital product).


Step 5.4:

Describe your website into one sentence (don't worry, you can change this later).


Step 5.5:

Now put in your site title, this is the same as your domain name (don't worry, you can change this later too). 


Step 6: 

This is what your website looks like now, the page you are seeing is the demo page of my template. If you are not using the same template as me (Naomi),  the demo page of your template is difference.


Step 7:

Now click on "PAGES". 


Step 8:

We are going to create a cover page to allow you to collect emails while you are building your amazing website. 


Step 9:

This is what a cover page looks like, you can use the tools on the left to change the layout, branding & text, media, action, social icons and style. Don't overthink this page, this is a temporary page. 


Step 10: 

This is the cover page that I created. I include the name of the website, which is the same as the domain, I put a nice "Coming soon" message and a form that people can click to put their name and email, to get an email from me when the website is ready. 

Now, click on the settings icon. 


Step 11: 

Click "SET AS HOMEPAGE" to turn this to the page that people see when they go to your website. 


Step 12:

Click the trash icon to delete the DEMO pages. 


Step 13:

Click on "Home" to return to the main section of Squarespace.


Step 14:

Click on "Settings" to go the settings section of your website. 


Step 15:

Click on "Domains". 


Step 16.1:

If you want to get your domain through Squarespace click on "Get a domain"


Step 16.2:

Type your domain in the search bar and then click on it to purchase it. 


Step 17.1: 

Go to and type the domain that you want in the search bar and buy it. 


Step 17.2:

Go back to Squarespace, (Settings/Domains) and click "Use a domain I own" button.


Step 17.3:

Type the domain name you bought and click "Continue".


Step 17.4:

Click "Connect from provider" button.


Step 17.5:

It's going to automatically appear Namecheap, if for whatever reason it doesn't appear, select Namecheap and click "Connect Domain".


Step 17.6:

Click on your domain name. 


Step 17.7:

Click on "DNS Settings" button.


Step 17.8:

Now go to this squarespace article to connect Namecheap to Squarespace. It's 1 minute task. 


Step 17.9:

After you connect it as it's in the article, you are going to see that it moved from red to yellow and says: "Connection is progress".

The connect may take from 1 to 24 hours. Mine took around 2 hours and while you wait to have your domain ready to share with your friends and followers, you can start creating other pages in your website, like the blog page, about page, contact and so one!