4 Ways To Improve Your Squarespace Website SEO

4 Ways to improve your Squarespace website SEO

1. Fill in your website information in the SEO tab

  • In your home menu go to Marketing → SEO

  • Fill in your site title and site meta description. You will see how the homepage search results look like.

squarespace seo website.png
  • Then if you click on the “Advanced” on the bottom SEO tab.

  • You can change the homepage title format, the page title form and the collection item title.

seo advanced squarespace.png

2. Fill in the information of the page in the settings gear of the page

  • Click on the settings gear of the page, go to “the SEO” tab and then had a SEO description that is going to be used to describe that page to the search engine.

index page seo tab.png
  • This is not SEO related but if you go to the “Social” tab of the page.

  • You can add a social sharing image that appears as the thumbnail of the page when someone shares this page on social media, if you do not upload one, they will use your default social sharing logo or site log instead and you do not want that!

  • You want to look professional.

media photo seo squarespace.png

3. Change the name fill of the content you upload in your website

cat and butterfly

Using the photo on the left as an example:

You may not know but the name of the file you upload on your website also counts as SEO marketing material, for instance, if someone types “cat” is not going to find your photo because the file name is “IMAGE_12563” or simple “cat”.

Instead of that, name it “cat and butterfly”

squarespace filename.png

Also, changing the filename in the filename section in your file doesn’t change the file name on Google eyes. Yes, you can type more stuff there. Using our cat example it can be “white and black cat with a butterfly on the nose”.


4. Fill in the tags in your blog post

blog post tags.png

Let’s use this blog post as an example, what tags should I use?

Instead of just generally tag this blog post:

  • Squarespace SEO

  • SEO

  • Website SEO

Use the most words possible to tag it:

  • Squarespace website SEO

  • Improve Squarespace SEO

  • SEO checklist

  • Squarespace SEO checklist

  • Squarespace traffic

  • Squarespace SEO help

You can see an example in my analytics of the amount of traffic that comes to this blog post last month, from people searching for Squarespace templates:

google search 1.png