14 Stunning Examples Of Squarespace Websites Using Brine Template

14 Stunning examples of Squarespace websites using Brine template

1. AllieMarie Design

AllieMarie Design.png

2. Amber Housley

Amber Housley.png
  • Amber is a marketing strategist that helps women build a thriving creative business and a joy-filled life

  • Awesome page: Podcast


3. BitterSweet Designs

bittersweet design.png
  • Rose & Thomas are responsible for gorgeous websites for photographers.

  • Awesome page: Tutorials


4. Going Ultraviolet

Going Ultraviolet.png
  • Kristen is going to help you write the copy of your sales page to make sure you are marketing your products the right way.

  • Awesome page: Resources


5. Capture by Lucy

Capture by Lucy.jpg
  • Lucy sells vinyl photography backdrops to help you create stunning lifestyle flat lay photos.

  • Awesome page: Backdrop Store


6. By Stine Faye Brand Boutique

By Stina Faye Brand Boutique.png
  • Christina is a brand coach & consultant that helps multi-passionate women become the reason people love their brand.

  • Awesome page: Contact


7. Jen Wagner Co.

Jen Wagner Co.png
  • Jen is a designer of stunning fonts and the creator behind Graphic Design Masterclass where she teachs everything she knows about it.

  • Awesome page: Shop


8. Katy Mairs

Katy Mairs.png
  • Katy provides content, copywriting and social media management services tailored especially for small businesses.

  • Awesome page: Content Marketing


9. Nora Conrad

Nora Conrad.png
  • Nora helps overwhelmed people get permanently organized by simplifying their lives.

  • Awesome page: Where to start


10. Brooks Editorial

Brooks Editorial.png
  • Ashley helps you create a blog strategy that builds your creative business and leaves you with more time to live your life, not less.

  • Awesome page: Content Challenge


11. Molly Jacques

  • Molly helps independent artists build profitable businesses that are super-charged by passive income and fueled by curiosity.

  • Awesome page: Shop


12. With Wit + Wisdom

With Wit + Wisdom.png
  • Erin & Kristen help make your goals happen with courses designed to not only get you started but help you excel.

  • Awesome page: Business Toolkit


13. She Did It Her Way

She Did It Her Way.png
  • Amanda helps women go from cushy, comfortable, corporate to finding their freedom way of building an online business.

  • Awesome page: Coaching


14. Will Frolic For Food

Will Frolic for Food.png
  • Renee blogs about food and lifestyle to celebrate the joy of eating and living vibrantly.

  • Awesome page: Recipes