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Make your Squarespace website better with plugins

Make your Squarespace website better with plugins made to bloggers by a blogger.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Squarespace Website SEO

Do you want help making your website Google friendly?

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4 Ways To Use The Announcement Bar In Squarespace

See what in my opinion are the 4 ways to use the announcement bar in Squarespace + 4 more ways expert blogger use in PDF form.

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5 Stunning Examples Of Squarespace Websites

If you ever been like “I do not know of any stunning Squarespace websites”, this blog post is for you!

And by the way, this website is made with Squarespace, so is also stunning. HAHA.

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20+ Awesome Squarespace Templates That You Can Buy

Are you a Squarespace user? If so, you know that are 50+ free templates to choose from but there are so many people using Squarespace (they should is ONLY the best website builder in the world!) and you feel that you can't stand out of the crowd but... I have the solution!

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4 Best Squarespace Templates For Online Course Creators

If you are an online course creator you need to know which are the best Squarespace templates to use in your website, this is my simple opinion but it may help me in your option.

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Step by step: How to create a website with Squarespace

Squarespace is a great place to start your first website. 

And the best part?

  • You don't need to know about code or anything.
  • You can drag and drop pages.
  • It's mobile friendly. What?!
  • And incredbly easy to use. 
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