4 Ways To Use The Announcement Bar In Squarespace

4 Ways to use the announcement bar in Squarespace

1. Get more eyes on your beautiful content

Here’s how:

  • “Do you want to improve your email list?” - then link it to an old blog post about email list

  • “Listen to my last podcast episode with Matt by clicking here” - link it to the podcast episode

  • “This blog post was read by 2000+ people last month, see why!” - link to the blog post

  • “Are you curious in how much money I did in my first income report?” - link to your first income report

  • “The only FREE workshop you need to improve your design skills” - link to the workshop page

  • “Do you want to see this website timeline?” - link to about page with the timeline feature

  • “Do you want to learn more about how to create your own podcast?” - link to podcast category in your blog


2. Get people to register for your Upcoming webinar or live stream

Here’s how:

  • “LIVE Webinar June 3rd: How to use Canva to make your Instagram story templates” - link to the registration page

  • “TOMORROW you have the chance to buy my upcoming product with super early price, see how here” - link to the registration page

  • “My new design live series start tomorrow for FREE on my Facebook group” - link to the Facebook group

  • “Last night I hang out with 250+ people and told them a secret, do you want to know it?” - link to the replay of the webinar or to the registration page that then redirect them to the replay page after they join your email list

  • “Live Q&A about how to play guitar, no registration needed!” - link to Q&A page


3. Get people to follow you on social media

Here’s how:

  • “Follow me on Instagram for daily photo tips” - link to the Instagram profile

  • “Twitter chat every Monday, see this week topic here” - link to tweet about the topic

  • “I’m celebrating 10,000 members in my Facebook group by doing a giveaway, join it here” - link to the Facebook post on the Facebook group

  • “You don’t follow me on Pinterest yet? What? See what you are missing!” - link to the Pinterest page

  • “Live stream on my Facebook group every Wednesday’s” - link to the Facebook group

  • “Do you want to improve your blogging skills? Follow this Pinterest board for weekly tips” - link to the Pinterest board

  • “See the behind-the-scenes of my business here” - link to the Instagram profile


4. Get people to know that you are on a break &
when you return

Here’s how:

  • “We are currently on vacation and will return on June 15th”

  • “We are on holiday break, all the orders made after Dec 20th will be shipped in January”

  • “Taking some time off on maternity leave. Until there you will get schedule weekly blog posts and emails”

  • “Currently in the hospital. Everything is okay. Return with some broken leg jokes on May 5th”

  • “We are going on vacation between August 4th and August 20th”

  • “Currently on vacation but you can still book coaching sessions here” - link to services page with dates in with you are available