Why you need to audit your website today!

Why you need to audit your website today

Auditing your website is as important as:

  • Promoting your products/services

  • Creating new content


Because you want to make sure your content is up to date with new information and that the links you say to your audience should go aren’t broken.

Make sure you don’t need to create more resources, like PDFs or even video tutorials to explain something that you tough you covered enough in the blog post but you were wrong.

How to audit your website:

read all your blog posts

This is a hard task, but you need to see if the information that you wrote months or even years ago is up to date.

This takes a long time, especially if you post every week and if your blog already has a few years, so read and update 10 blog posts today, then other 10 tomorrow or next week.

Don’t try to make everything in one sitting, be patient and careful while you are doing this.

Also, make sure you keep your content evergreen, instead of focusing on referring dates and current events. The only exceptions are lifestyle blogs and when you share with your audience your income report or monthly recap, then be as personal and specific as you can.

about page

If you share your age, location and even personal facts make sure they are up to date and add more!

Did you got married? Share a picture of that moment.

Do you have pets? share a photo, names and little corks about them, people are going to love to know more about your life.

Do you have new products or services? Add a simple “Check my design services here”

If you like timelines, create one. The date you created the website. The date you quit your full-time job. The date you reach your income goal. (…)

Add a contact form and tell them the time frame it takes you or your team to respond to them.

Multiple opt-ins

Add multiple opt-ins in your website. In your home page, you should at least have 3 different opt-ins for the 3 different topics you cover.


If you are a designer, 3 different freebie topics that you can give in your home page is:

  • Best fonts combination for your website

  • About page essentials

  • Canva banner templates


I give you everything to DIY your website audit here: