Why It's okay to fail...and how I'm going to use it to improve myself

Why it's okay to fail...and how I'm going to improve myself

You may not have noticed BUT my last blog post was posted on September 12, 2018, and today is January 17, 2019.

Yup! I went missing for 4 months.

I let my negative income and my brain voice tell me that I’m such a failure that I should just quit. Yes, quit. Without even giving a fight.


Do you think that spending 14 months working on something and not getting an income from it, is easy? It’s not.

It’s hard. You want to quit all the time.

The worst is that I want this to be my job. I do not want a 9 to 5. I want this. I see myself doing this for the rest of my life but I get to scare of actually making it.

It’s is so surreal to me, just imagine being scared of having success.

  • Being scared of having thousands of email subscribers.

  • Being scared of making thousands of dollars each month.

  • Being scared of having people waiting for my live webinars.

  • Being scared of creating products that people want to buy the second that you open the cart.

I’m scared of the person that I want to become.

Now you ask:

“Why is it okay to fail?”

Is it okay to fail if you learn something from it, if all the tears, the words, and goals that you did not accomplish make you see what you really want. Make you want it even more.

To me the 9 negative income reports represent something that I do not want to see EVER again, that level of failure, of having products that I’m not being enabled to sell because I do not have email subscribers and I not have email subscribers because I do not email people to because my affiliates or to do webinars with me.

I’m working on making January 2019, my first positive income report and you know what is so much conform to not do a damn thing, to not email people, because if you do email them then they can say “no” to you or even worse what if they say “yes” and now you have to do a webinar.

Being in front of hundreds of people live.

What if my mic dies?

What if my webcam dies?

What is my internet dies?

What if none buys?

What is this person going to say about me?

how I’m going to use it to improve myself

  • I’m making myself accountable, I created a google doc where every day I write something that I did that day, from just audit my old content to create new content, to even email people to partner with (what?! yes, it’s scary but I’m ready for all the “no’s”. Also, the income reports are going to be back, so expect even more transparency and more raw behind-the-scenes. If I end up having a panic attack or cry over someone that I admire reject one of my webinar requests believe that I will tell you about it.

  • I’m going to do things I do not like. Emailing at least 10 new people a day to become my affiliates or to do a joint venture webinar with me. Trying to figure out Pinterest. Create more products and promote the hell out of them.

  • Create friendships with people that are in the same position that I am right now or that once was.

  • Working out every other day. I still have so much weight to lose and working out makes me want to be this future me that I daydream about: 6 figures a month, being fit, having an awesome house, a wonderful community, so I’m working my way to get there.

  • Built a community of people that do not judge others because on their revenue numbers but instead lift them and help them. I want to have a community where if a member or even myself is having a bad day, everyone is going to try to transform that day into a happy day, with business advice, life advice or even some jokes. Life is just so serious sometimes laughing can help.

Now I’m back and baby I’m better than ever, some people say at the beginning of each year that “THIS IS MY YEAR” and then they reach July 2nd without accomplishing not a single goal or resolution.

But not me, not now. I need this. I want this. And I will work for it.

Believe me. You guys are going to make me accountable to all of these words.